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Shire Oak

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Shire oak offer bespoke porches that are traditionally crafted to the required specifications. Oak porches create a welcoming entranceway that compliments the surroundings. The green oak frame comes in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs and there are a variety of additions available.


For the porches you see up to a size of 1.7m width and 1.6m depth would be £950 but any size or style can be supplied and installed. The exception is the curved tie beam shown on the porch with the blue door, this is an additional £150. Please e-mail with your enquiries, if you want a quote please provide the width, depth, the roof pitch or overall height of the porch and please indicate a design from our website which is the closet to what you would like.

Shire Oak porch at hampton court flower show Large oak porch Oak frame porch The oak frame of a porch quaint oak porch with oak frame garage Tall oak porch Oak porch Oak frame porch