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Shire Oak

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Oak frame gazebo hot tub cover

Shire oak gazebos are versatile structures that lend themselves too many different uses. Oak gazebos are popularly employed as hot tub canopies to create a haven of relaxation within your garden.

Shire Oak gazebo as a hot tub cover with cedar shingle panels Oak gazebo with cedar shingles and rounded hip rafter ends front of a Shire Oak frame gazebo covering a hot tub Oak frame gazebo as a hot tub canopy Cedar shingles on an oak gazebo The back of a shire oak gazebo Hot tube cover 3 front 2 hip rafter of oak gazebo showing oak post and braces

As shown above Shire Oak gazebos can be installed with cedar side panels to create a more enclosed space. Other options include cedar panels to create an entire wall, feather edge boarding or traditional oak hurdle style panels as seen our garden accessories page.