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3 Bay Oak Garage

Shire Oak’s three bay garages are one of the most popular garage sizes, its common to have two bays as a car port or garage space and then a secure storage or workshop area in the final bay. This means that the third bay is separated with an internal wall and can only be accessed through an entrance door.


As with all Shire Oak garages the design is entirely flexible to create a custom garage which suits your needs.


Our kits include the main oak frame, intermediate softwood studs, softwood weather boarding (usually Douglas fir) and softwood roof structure.


The garage pictured is three bays with side isles at both ends, with internal oak stairs leading to a room above with a large dorma window. Also there is an internal wall seperating the 2nd and 3rd bay.

3 bay oak garage with internal stairs and dorma windows 3 bay oak garage. Oak frame garage 3 bay oak garage. 3 bay oak frame garage A roof and frame

These are examples of the plans produced by Shire Oak for three bay oak garages through our free design service which produces these cad images and illustrations. The design process of a Shire Oak garage is extremely flexible allowing for any ideas or requirements to be easily met before construction begins.


Initially we receive inquiries, ideas or rough designs and we produce a drawing that can then be tweaked and altered to produce a final plan that is suitable for the project.

Below are some pictures of a 3 bay oak garage we have recently completed. From the pictures you can see that the first two bays of the oak garage are open to be used as a car port. The final bay has garage doors at the front and at the side an entry door and window. This is useful as a work shop or garden store. Also this oak garage has a log store at the back running the length of the building. The garage doors are softwood and have hook and band hinges on them.

Oak frame three bay garage. Shire oak garage 3 bay oak garage with logstore and workshop. Oak frame garage Oak garage, gable end with log store Oak knee brace on an oak garage softwood door on a 3 bay oak garage Drawing of a 3 bay oak garage with gable end and log store.

Below is a cadwork image of this very oak garage, you can see the frame for the entry door and window aswell as the logstore at the back of the building.